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Sell the way your customers
want to buy.
Buyers have completely changed the way they buy - and sellers haven’t kept up.
This book will tell you exactly how to get in sync with customers - and sell more.

“What’s enchanting?
A book that tells youexactly how to grow your revenue.”

Guy Kawasaki

author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions

“The recipe for success . . . customers will get what they want, when they want it . . . you will see more revenue, greater brand loyalty, real relationships, and a competitive edge.”


Martin Zwilling


“Roadmap to Revenue is an insightful, practical and useful book oozing with experience.”

Maz Iqbal


“Every now and then a business book rises from the chaos and says ‘Must Read.’ This is that book.”

Craig Stull

Founder and CEO, Pragmatic Marketing Inc.

Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy delivers exactly what the title promises: detailed steps to better understand your customer and match their buying process so they buy more from you.”

Joe Rawlinson

“One of America’s most famous marketing strategy consultants.”

Anne Holland

President, Which Test Won

“A total professional.”

Thomas Baker

Owner, Open Field Partners and original founder of WSJ.com

Is it getting tougher to make each sale? Do prospects visit your website – then click away – and you never know why? Are you assuming what will make them want your product or service? Thousands of customer interviews have convinced me that these assumptions are sales-stoppers.

I wrote this book to take the mystery out of marketing and sales. The method described in this book works every time because it is based on common sense (let your current customers teach you how to sell to future customers). The method has been tested and perfected by helping  hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs sell more effectively.

This is not a “one size fits all” book – it’s a “find out exactly what will work for your company, your products and services, and your customers” book.


Press Reviews

Forbes reviews Roadmap to Revenue in article entitled “5 Steps to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy.” Calls the Roadmap method the “recipe for business success that every investor is looking for.” By Martin Zwilling

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INDIE Business: Donna Maria interviews Kristin Zhivago on “BlogTalkRadio.” INDIE Business is a community of one-person companies. If you’re trying to increase your sales, listen to this interview.

The Customer Blog: Maz Iqbal states “Kristin Zhivago has the answer to my question” in his post “Customer Experience: Why Haven’t More Retailers Gone Bust?.”

Accelerate Your Business Growth: Diane Helbig interviews Kristin Zhivago on “BlogTalkRadio.” Accelerate Your Business Growth wants to help small business owners, sales people, and aspiring entreprenuers master every aspect of business success. Diane and Kristin discuss the importance of shifting from company-centered to customer-centric to increase revenue.

Talk Business: Review of Roadmap to Revenue calls the book “A comprehensive guide to how you can change this dynamic within your business, this whole new approach to sales and marketing is a must-read for any business at its wits end about how to grow revenue.”

Blog Business World: Wayne Hurlbert interviews Kristin Zhivago on “BlogTalkRadio.” Wayne Hurlbert also published areview of the book on Blog Business World.

The Customer Blog: Maz Iqbal calls the book “grounded in experience (not theory), speaks/points at the ‘truth’ as shown by experience and is useful/actionable” in a fantastic article “Want to Grow Your Business? Build a Roadmap to Revenue – sell the way that customers want to buy.”

Get Elastic: “Harnessing the ‘voice of the customer’ is very important in refining and shaping your business” says Linda Bustos in her article “Voice of the Customer: The Case for Telephone Customer Interviews.”

Business Insider: “Feedback gets you beyond guessing and assuming, it gets you to a place of knowing.” writes Jamillah Warner about the importance of a “well-placed conversation and honest feedback” in her article “Speak My Language: Getting Customers to Listen.”

MacInnis Marketing: Danielle MacInnis conducts an extensive interview with Kristin discussing customer insights and how Kristin helps different companies become more customer centric” “Kristin Zhivago Interview talks on Customer Insights.”

Content Verve: Michael Lykke Aagaard interviews Kristin in this podcast after saying “Kristin is a truly awesome person, and one of those rare marketers who really, truly cares about her clients and getting the best possible results for them.” “How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy – an interview with Kristin Zhivago.”

Return Customer: Joe Rawlinson saysRoadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy delivers exactly what the title promises: detailed steps to better understand your customer and match their buying process so they buy more from you. “Book Review – Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy.”

The Think Zone: Roy Atkinson says “This book is the latest in a series of books aimed at–or coincident with–the swing toward more customer-focused business, and, in my opinion, it is the best.” in his reivew of the book at “Review – Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy.”

Optaros: Kevin Carlson calls the book “straight-forward, customer-centric common sense” in an article that praises the book’s focus: The Customer. “Review: Roadmap to Revenue.”

Conversionation: J-P De Clerck mentions Kristin’s book when writing about “the absence of the consumer in the organization” in his article “Five Cultural Reasons Marketers Fail to Keep Up With Consumers.”

B2B Lead Roundtable Blog: Andrea Johnson writes about the importance of marketing optimization and praises Zhivago for her ability to find the customers and learn what they really want in an article entitled, “8 Questions to Steer Your Marketing Priorities.”

Business 2 Community: Zach Heller, notes Kristin’s influence in his marketing perception in his most recent post “How to Think Like a Customer.”

Customer Think: Cheryl Hanna writes a thorough review noting “The book uses real examples about marketing and selling channels in order to reach customers and answer questions.” on her customer service blog. Book Review: Roadmap to Revenue.

The Customer Blog: Maz Iqbal creates a guideline based on questions from Kristin’s book “Generating Revenue: Are These the 14 Questions to Ask Your Customers?

Marketing Lagniappe: Stan Phelps points out that “Everyone needs to align themselves closer to the customer” in this book review and interview with Kristin.

Social Media HQ: Nick Robinson writes about buyer scrutiny and content marketing, one of a series, based onRoadmap to Revenue, in an article entitled, “Buyer Scrutiny and Content Marketing.”

Small Business Trends: Ivana Taylor reviews Roadmap to Revenue, in an article entitled, “Start Your Engines and Read the ‘Roadmap to Revenue’.” In the review, she says, “Roadmap to Revenue is one of those books that will help you build your marketing strategy and system around creating a customer experience that just resonates so that your customers choose you.”

The Customer Blog: Maz Iqbal discusses how the current focus on messaging does not answer the buyers’ questions. “Sales: Are You Cultivating Desire When You Should be Focusing on Dealing with Skepticism?

MarketingSherpa: Daniel Burstein discusses Kristin’s methods for internal selling”Gaining Business Leader Buy-in: 7 CEO Personas.

Business 2 Community: Nick Robinson says it best – “You can’t fix what’s wrong if you don’t ask!” “How to Measure Customer Satisfaction in Digital and Traditional Marketing

Melissa Kovacevic: “I loved Kristin’s no-nonsense tough talk about what needs to be done to be successful. She pulls no punches…” “Book Review: Roadmap to Revenue

Bookpleasures.com: Norm Goldmanreviews Roadmap to Revenue, in which he says, “Roadmap To Revenue is certainly a maverick book containing act-on-it-today advice rendered by an acknowledged master who has meticulously presented information that she has garnered from her many years as a Revenue Coach. . . . It is one book that should be a top reading priority for CEOs and entrepreneurs who, as Zhivago states in her opening dedicating remarks, ‘feel a strong sense of responsibility to their customers, employees, and stakeholders, and who want to grow their businesses without resorting to the deceptive techniques used by the manipulative world.'”

Small Business Trends: Jamillah Warner quotesRoadmap to Reveue, in an article entitled, “Change in Your Small Business: Everyone Will NOT Make the Leap.” “If the CEO isn’t speaking up for the customers, there’s nothing that anyone else can do—regardless of their position—that will turn the company into a customer-centric organization.”

Six Figure Start: A review by Caroline Ceniza-Levine, who says that the book is “dense,” but then “LOVED” the section on low, medium, heavy and intense scrutiny products, and the recommendations on SEO and other Web marketing. “Zhivago is great about getting the business owner to think like a customer.” She says the content is “original, very important to a business, and throrough.”

Strategic Product Manager: Stewart Rogers writes about Roadmap to Revenue in an article called, “Curiosity Leads to Revenue.”

Great Product. Now, How to Sell It? by Karen E. Klein quotes Kristin Zhivago in an article in Bloomberg Businessweek – Small Business

BizTimes.com: Their review states: “The book outlines ways managers can map out their customers’ buying processes and how to take steps to support those buying processes with their sales methods.”

MarketingSherpa: An article by Brad Bortone called, “Customer Relations: Bringing power back to Marketing during the B2B buying process.

B-to-B Blog: A blog post by Julie Rogier entitled, “The B2B Summit Recapt Part II: Do You Cultivate a Customer Mindset?

MarketingSherpa B2B Summit, (video): “The B2B Buyer’s Funnel – Kristin Zhivago.

MarketingSherpa, an article entitled, “Guided by Buyers: 4 tactics to create a customer-centric sales and marketing strategy,” by David Kirkpatrick. Excerpt: “One way to turn marketing and sales into a seamless revenue-generating process is to turn the focus of B2B marketing on the customer. Kristin Zhivago, President, Zhivago Management Partners, has been addressing the issue of improving the alignment of Sales and Marketing for more than 30 years. As a business growth consultant, or as she calls it “revenue coach” for CEOs and entrepreneurs, Zhivago has worked with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Zhivago has developed tactics that turn the entire marketing and sales process into a way to understand what customers want to buy, and how they want to buy it.”

The Sales Whisperer: Review of the book by Wes Schaeffer. In the review, he says: “You will be better, more efficient and more profitable in how you run your sales and marketing efforts if you follow what Kristin Zhivago hands you on a big, wide, beefy shiny silver platter with a beautiful blue compass on it. If you don’t read it and heed it you have no right to complain about how tough business is.”

Start-up Entrepreneur’s Blog: Review of Roadmap to Revenue by Cynthia Kocialski. “A how-to book that can help entrepreneurs and start-ups understand what it takes to build an effective sales process – one that is repeatable and can produce predictable results.”

Economic Development Blog – Journal Record, an article entitled, “Great wisdom from a great lady,” by Tim Burg.

MarketingZone: “Is Your Website A Barrier to the Sale?” by Kristin Zhivago.

SoCo Magazine: Terry Thoelke, in “A Roadmap to Success,” (starts on page 56), writes: “Roadmap to Revenue is a succinct and timely guide for those whose businesses are facing an economic dead end or for those seeking a new route to revenue growth.”

Pragmatic Marketing Magazine: Craig Stull, CEO of Pragmatic Marketing, introducesRoadmap to Revenue, saying, “Every now and then a business book rises from the chaos and says, ‘Must Read.’ This is that book.” He then points to an article Kristn wrote for the Pragmatic Marketing magazine, called “Getting executives to see the light: Powerful new authority can be yours!”

Conversionation: J-P DeClerk posts an in-depth review entitled Feel Your Customer and Facilitate the Buy in which he says: “In her book, Kristin Zhivago exactly explains how the way people buy is changing. But most of all, she explains how selling the way people want to buy is the solution, not selling the way WE want to sell. It’s people-centricity, sales, strategy, customer satisfaction, promises, lead generation and revenue generation in one book.”

Focus On Fashion (438k PDF): “Stop Selling! Start Making It Easier for Them to Buy!” by Kristin Zhivago. Excerpt: “Your business is unique. Your products are unique. What works for another company probably won’t work for you. You can figure out what will work for you by understanding what your customers want to buy from you and how they want to buy it. Right now, this information is locked in the minds of your current customers, but you can access that information fairly easily using the methods I describe in Roadmap to Revenue.”

Purple Marketing: “Stop Guessing and Simply Ask Customers What They Want,” by Giselle Hudson.

Excerpt: “Sounds like a no-brainer right? Yet step back and ask yourself – are you giving customers what THEY want or are you giving them what you THINK they want? I would bet strongly that you are giving them what you THINK they want because after all it’s your product and service and you know best…yes? According to Kristin Zhivago in her new book, Roadmap to Revenue, too many businesses base their marketing pitches on guesswork and speculation instead of on how customers actually think and feel. . . . Only a handful of companies are doing it right, and you’ve definitely heard of them already. ‘I always find that at several points in the customer’s process, every company is doing something that sends buyers elsewhere,’ says Zhivago. ‘Ouch!’ I say. Go talk to your customers!”

Next Level radio show: Anthony Gemma interviewsKristin Zhivago on his radio show. Podcast.

Next Level radio show: Anthony Gemma interviewsKristin Zhivago via video

Business Books: Review of Roadmap to Revenue by Paul Simister, a Profit Coach. “I wrote to another business coach recently, in response to an email, that ‘if you want to catch a fish, you must learn to think like a fish. . . . Kristin Zhivago in Roadmap to Revenue has the aim to help you think like a fish. . . .Most book dedications pass me my, the dedication in Roadmap To Revenue struck home. I quote: ‘Dedicated to all the hard-working, honest entrepreneurs and CEOs who feel a strong sense of responsibilty to their customers, employees and shareholders – and who want to grow their businesses without resporting to the deceptive techniques used by the manipulators of the world.’ Well done Kristin, I could have written that myself although I may not have phrased it so beautifully.”

eZineArticles.com: Marcia Yudkin, of MarketingMinute fame and author of 14 books, debates a point about naming your company made in Roadmap to Revenue, in an article. (By the way, we agree with what Marcia says at the end of the article – that if you have hard evidence your overly creative name isn’t working, change to a more descriptive name. That’s actually the point being made in the book.)

Sales Lead Insights: Mac McIntosh writes, “Looking for a roadmap to more revenue? Read this book!”

Knights on the Road:: Reg Nordmanpredicts: “Likely to be a trailblazing book . . . . This is a must buy, must read book for sales and marketing types. There is not a wasted page in the whole book.”

What Our Readers Are Saying

 “A crystal clear path and plan for your sales success.”

 “A ‘must-read’ for anyone looking to grow their business.” – John P.W. Brown VI 

 An insightful, practical and useful book oozing with experience. –  Maz Iqbal